A number of our users have written in today asking if OpenDNS is vulnerable to the recent multi-vendor DNS security issue disclosed today by my good friend and security researcher Dan Kaminsky.

I’m very proud to announce that we are one of the only DNS vendor / service providers that was not vulnerable when this issue was first discovered by Dan. During Dan’s testing he confirmed (and we later confirmed) that our DNS implementation is not susceptible to the attack that was discovered. In other words, if you used OpenDNS then you were already protected long before this attack was even discovered.

In fact, for those of you who were listening in on the Microsoft press call this morning, you’ll note that OpenDNS was suggested as the easy and simple solution for anyone who can’t upgrade their DNS infrastructure today. Pointing your DNS servers to forward requests to OpenDNS and firewalling all other DNS traffic off at your server will help mitigate this risk.

We’re going to write more about this issue in the next 24 hours to address the vulnerability in detail and explain why we aren’t affected but I wanted to get the word out now so that you know you are safe using OpenDNS.

Thanks and happy resolving… 🙂

Update: Bert Hubert, author of PowerDNS, alerted me to the fact that PowerDNS was also not vulnerable when this issue was discovered. That’s not surprising considering Bert is one of the authors of the wonderful DNS forgery resilience Internet Draft that has recently been published. 🙂 I updated the statement in bold appropriately.

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