This is my first post to this blog and probably a good time to introduce myself as one of the developers here at OpenDNS. I do a lot of work on Domain Tagging, and in the past few weeks have made a bunch of changes that make Domain Tagging faster than ever. That means domains get verified faster, added to categories faster and blocked faster.

I’d also like to welcome 7 new moderators we brought onboard this week. We’re really happy to have them help out, and I’m sure they’re also excited to be a part of the moderator community. So welcome guys, you’re a huge asset to a great community!

The Domain Tagging system has been a huge success for us, and for everyone who uses it. Here’s a few numbers to illustrate:

31: The number of categories the system had when we launched in late February.

53: The number of categories in the Domain Tagging system today.

15,000: The number of decided domains in the “Proxy/Anonymizer” category.

Note: This number doesn’t even include the domains from St. Bernard, which number in the millions.

418,701: The number of decided domains system-wide.

903,536: Number of domains submitted to Domain Tagging (so close to a milestone…)

4 Million: The number of Internet users whose experience is made safer by Domain Tagging.

Have a great weekend!

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