Today kicks off the March Madness basketball tournament and in case you haven’t heard, CBS is broadcasting all 63 NCAA games live – and free – on the Internet. All you need is broadband to tune in.

What makes this particularly relevant to YOU is the fact that many of the games are being played during the workday.

According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, network admins are blocking the site(s) broadcasting the games because they’re concerned all that streaming video is going to slow down their networks. Unlike the reasons you might block adult sites or social networking sites, there’s nothing inappropriate or unsafe about the NCAA tournament. But without question if several people on your network were watching the games, it could slow things down.

The SJ Mercury is doing a poll, asking people if video is blocked where they work. Right now it’s almost a tie between yes and no answers.

Are you blocking the games?

(If you aren’t and want to, it’s as easy as signing into your account and adding to your block list. 🙂 )

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