OpenDNS U is a webinar series we’re kicking off next week. We rounded up all the questions you’ve asked us over the past several months and designed a series of webinars to address them. The entire series is designed squarely with you in mind.

The first one, hosted by CEO David Ulevitch, is happening next Wednesday, January 30, at 11 a.m. PST. The topic is one we know lots of you will excited about “Using OpenDNS stats to your advantage: How to understand and act on statistical data about your network.” Here’s a more thorough description:

    Your OpenDNS statistics are rich with data that can help you spot problems before they become headaches. Attend this 30 minute webinar and learn how to block hosts from your stats dashboard, adjust timescales to see trends emerge over time, filter lists based on domains, and much more!

We like our webinars short and sweet, so all of them will be just 30 minutes in length.

Invite friends and register here.

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