Here at 199 Fremont Street we’re all exhaling a deep, collective sigh of relief. We’ve spent the last several weeks revamping every single page of our site to make it easier to use, and its fitting that we finished it on a Friday. Lots of you let us know how much you liked the original, and thank you very much for that. But I think you’re really gonna love the new one.

If you want to poke around, I recommend:

  • The “How it Works” section. If you’ve ever wondered how we give you such a world-class DNS service, “How it Works” is your place.
  • The “Features” section. Our service does a lot. The index page here gives you a snapshot of everything.
  • The “Customers” section. Our customers cross both industries and continents and we’ve built this section so you can see just how diverse the group is. The main page has a few representative customers from each category, but be sure to click “view all.”

As always, we welcome your feedback and will read and consider anything you send our way.

What do you think of the new site?

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