OpenDNS is looking to hire some standout software engineers.

It doesn’t matter if you just graduated with your BS in Computer Science or if you’ve been slinging code in the Valley for the last 20 years. All that matters is that you can solve complex problems and write code that will stand up to your peers. Oh, you have to speak C fluently, even though you might not use it for everything.

Here’s a post we did on Craigslist:

So if you are sitting around with your Master’s in CS where you finished in the top 2% of your class and you are wasting time writing AJAX callbacks so that Bob can add Alice as her buddy on some social networking site, send us an email. The stuff you’ll be doing here will keep you interested and will be used by millions of people. We’ll compensate you well, with full benefits and more often than not, we’ll get a beer with you after work. Sometimes during work.

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