There’s a reason we run a ton of servers with a bunch of different Internet providers and put them in a lot of different datacenters. That reason is apparent today as we sit in our shiny new offices in San Francisco and watch the lights flicker on and off.

It seems like the SOMA district of San Francisco has been hit with some power issues and with it a datacenter or two was taken offline. San Francisco blogging juggernaut Scott Beale (and he’s much more than a blogger) already posted about the issue and pointed out that lots of popular internet websites are offline now. The list includes Internet advertising company AdBrite, Craigslist, Netflix, Technorati and SixApart.

For those wondering, OpenDNS is online and fine. Our cache will update if any of these sites move datacenters and quickly change IPs. You can use our CacheCheck tool and see for yourself. 🙂

And I guess the real point of this post is to say that if you can’t reach some popular Internet sites right now, that’s why. Nothing to do with us.

Update: looks like everyone has recovered, mostly. Glad to see it. 5:15pm Pacific Time

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