I thought about summing up this post with a haiku of my own, but this week’s winner is too good to compete with. Huge congratulations to Kirk Friggstad, the winner of OpenDNS SysAdmin Challenge No. 2.

We asked all of you, Kirk included, to compose a haiku about what it means to be a sysadmin. The response was overwhelming and on behalf of the whole team, thanks to everyone who took the time to submit. You guys kept us laughing all week long.

Kirk submitted a series of haikus, each one seemingly funnier and more clever than the previous. Here’s the one we selected for the crown:

    “Evening Reflection”
    Moon shines on water
    Crickets chirp in the tall grass
    Damn, it’s my pager

Stay tuned right here for details about the next in the series of four SysAdmin Challenges, to be announced on Monday. And for your reading pleasure, here are a few more of Kirk’s submissions, at least a couple being solid runner-ups.

    “Server Room”
    Summer clouds float by
    No, it’s smoke from the Dell rack
    Watch out for halon

    “With No Power Comes Great Responsibility”
    A quiet peace comes
    Beeps and fans fall silent now
    Power supply fails

    “On the Help Desk”
    The one true answer:
    “Try turning it off and on”
    Words of great wisdom

    “The Last Day”
    Where is that backup?
    I swear it worked yesterday!
    Work on resume.

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