In the world of publicity, a profile in a publication like the New York Times is the holy grail. Everyone aspires to have one, but few actually realize their goal.

Today the New York Times published a lengthy profile on our CEO, David Ulevitch, and we see this as further proof that OpenDNS is not only a fantastic idea, but the future of how people control their network and navigate the Internet. It’s a good day for OpenDNS.

The profile, written by iconic journalist and book author John Markoff, is spot on: It tracks David’s beginnings at It follows him to Washington University, where he earned an anthropology degree and used his newfound knowledge to approach the Domain Name System from a different perspective. It highlights his first DNS company, EveryDNS, and the beginnings of OpenDNS.

Most importantly, however, it captures David’s aim so well – to make a service people want to use, that doesn’t do anything invasive and makes the overall Internet experience better for everyone.

Be sure to check out the article, and please let us know what you think. Huge thanks to Alicia Abramson at Berkeley, CA, Public Library (an OpenDNS customer) for letting the NYT photographer shoot David on site.

Congrats David. 🙂

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