We asked you to tell us about the time your boss demonstrated an absolute lack of understanding of the SysAdmin profession. Submissions are in, votes have been tallied and the decision is unanimous. I trust you’ll agree the submission that takes SysAdmin Appreciation Day challenge No. 1 is worthy.

Read and laugh, ’cause you know you can relate.

So, it’s our Y2K preparations, and we’re having a project review meeting to go over our timeline and completions.

Last minute additions came up, and that’s fine, that’s what our processes and due diligence are all about.

So while talking through the post-Y2K doomsday scenarios, the head of IT realizes “what if we can’t print?” and checks the remediation lists; sure enough, the printers are not on the list of things we’ll check for Y2K compliance. Operating systems and logging facilities for the print servers, yes, they’re on the list. But not the printers.

OMG! The printers have to be on the list, have to be checked, and have to be remediated and re-checked!!

No, I say, the printers have no clock and don’t care what time or what year it is. We might as well check everything that takes electricity and has no clock. Me and my big fat mouth.

(sigh) I’m not the boss, so I lose. Now we have to check the modems, the hubs, the electric pencil sharpeners…

The name of the winning submitter will remain anonymous so he/she doesn’t get fired for exposing his/her Lumbergh-like boss. 🙂

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