We moved our San Francisco offices this week (a block away) and had to update our address in a bunch of places. I took that as an opportunity to review our Terms of Use.

Very little needs changing, but I wanted to share the updates clearly in this blog post. You may view the original Terms of Use here.


  • Updated office address.
  • Updated email address for questions about the Terms of Use. The previous one was a spam magnet. 🙁
  • Added the section Blocking Services. When we launched in July 2006, we didn’t have domain blocking or adult site blocking. Now we do. This section is broad enough to cover additional categories and like functionality in the future.
  • Updated the tense in the section Content Posted by User(s). The text previously read:

    “OpenDNS may, in the future, provide features through the Service which allow users to upload, submit, disclose, distribute or otherwise post Content at or on the Site or otherwise through the Service.”

    We’ve added forums and your own custom image and announcement on the Guide page during the last year. The future is here, and the first part of the sentence now reads “OpenDNS provides features…”

  • Added clarification to make clear that the Creative Commons license and copyright applied to our Terms of Use. The “work” referred to in the license is the Terms of Use itself and not the entire OpenDNS website.

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