It’s starting to look like summer time here at OpenDNS. Rather than hit the beach to catch some waves, we’re hitting the books to help people surf better.

We were pleased to find out that the men and women who run the IT departments for places of learning are using OpenDNS to make their students, staff and faculty’s lives better. Check out the press release we did with the Jackson Public Schools in Mississippi. They are the largest school district in the state with over 36,000 users — and they aren’t the only school using us. Campbell County Public Schools is also using OpenDNS to give their users a better Internet experience — all 10,000 of them.

Most of the schools that use OpenDNS choose to add a custom logo (free!) in their account so that their users see a customized search results page whenever they go to a website that doesn’t exist or search from the address bar. We’ve heard some of our users refer to this as their “own personal search engine.” That’s great to hear and that’s exactly why the feature exists. If you don’t have a logo on your search results page right now, what are you waiting for?

It’s not just schools either. We found out that our neighbors across the bay in Berkeley are using OpenDNS at the Berkeley Public Library. That’s awesome. I know there are schools and libraries that don’t know what OpenDNS is yet so if you are friends with your local head geek feel free to tell him or her about the awesomeness that is OpenDNS.

Finally, are you the IT hero for your network? As you can tell from the links in this post, we’ve put out a few small press releases about some of our more interesting users. If you are using OpenDNS in a cool setting or think there’s something unique about your network feel free to send me an email (or use our contact form at the bottom of every page) and let me know. We just might ask to feature you in a blog post or a press release. 🙂

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