I know it’s only Wednesday, but this has already been a great week. Sure, we’re all a little tired after putting in long hours in the days leading up to the shortcuts launch. But the feedback is pouring in, and we’re lovin’ it. Shortcuts in the news ain’t so shabby either…

On Monday and Tuesday, we were overjoyed about shortcuts articles and blog posts in Techcrunch, Crunchgear, Wired, US News and World Report, ArsTechnica, CNET News.com, Lifehacker, New York Times, PC World, Computerworld and Techworld. And it should be mentioned that Paul Stamatiou gets the award for being the first to blog it.

Then, middday today Forbes posted its weekly video show “The Download” where writer Dan Frommer cites OpenDNS shortcuts as his favorite thing this week. (Dan is fun to watch on video, and a very cool guy. David and I met him in person recently in New York.)

Throughout all of this, I had my fingers crossed that Anick Jesdanun at the Associated Press might write something, but you can never be sure. (Admittedly, I’ve been monitoring Google news every five minutes since Monday morning.) Not only did Anick write an article, his article is a great example of quality tech journalism. He has a way of explaining things in very understandable terms. It’s already in 32 newspapers across the United States. I bet it’s even in your local paper!

And of course there are a ton of awesome bloggers who’ve mentioned shortcuts – you can see a roundup of all of them here.

A big, sincere thanks to everyone who uses OpenDNS. Let us know how we can make OpenDNS even better. Every idea gets legitimate consideration.

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