A standardized speed test for OpenDNS would be difficult since physical locations, ISPs and other setup factors vary. That’s why we value independent speed testing of OpenDNS so much.

Mayank Sharma of Newsforge, the online newspaper for Linux and open source, did some testing of his own – in India – and found that OpenDNS loads pages “much more quickly” than his ISP.

I tested that claim from my home base in India. After switching to OpenDNS, content-laden Web sites like news.com, cnn.com, bbcworld.com, and myspace.com loaded a lot more quickly, ping times were considerably lower, and query response times (measured with dig -x site ) to news.com, lxer.com, osnews.com, distrowatch.org, and bbcworld.com were lower by 10 to 25% compared to times when I was using my ISP’s DNS.

That shoots holes in the idea that OpenDNS is only faster if you’re in the U.S. or U.K. 🙂

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