We get lots of email, everyday, from our customers. Most of the emails are similar in topic – someone asking how to use OpenDNS with their setup. But every once in a while an email comes through that’s so touching we pass it around the office. The below note from Caio, a customer in Brazil, is that kind of email.

He wrote us not because he had a problem, but rather just to say thanks, for saving his job.

It’s this sort of reinforcement that makes me love what I do. We all need the Internet and I get to work with a team that makes it more reliable — saving people time, frustration and in this case, their job.

Caio gave me permission to share his email.

    To: contact@opendns.com
    From: caio@xxxxx.com
    Subject: Thank you


    I’m just happy that I found a free service like this on the Internet.

    I live in Brazil and sometimes my default DNS fails, then I can’t connect to the Internet. I’m a trainee and I work in a hardware store and my job is half in the office and half in my house. When I’m home I need to make tables about what we have sold on everyday using MS Office Excel. Today my DNS wasn’t working and a DNS fail means a layoff for me. I figured it was a DNS problem because Firefox was unable to open any page but, when I tried to open a page by its IP, nothing wrong happens.

    I used OpenDNS and it saved me by allowing me to connect and send to my boss. This is how OpenDNS saved my job.

    Thank You. I’m really loving it.


Happy holidays everyone.

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