A quick post to thank everyone who has added their story Gift of Safe so far. That’s Judi, Paul, Daniel, Tom, Al, Trey, Alek, Rick, Michelle, Eddy and Chai.

Thanks also to those of you who have given the Gift of Safe by sending an e-mail from the site to family and friends. It’s a great holiday gift and I’m confident those who’ve received it appreciate it.

If you haven’t yet told us who you’d keep safe from phishing, please do! Add your story by sending an e-mail to giftofsafe at opendns dot com. I’ll get the e-mail and make sure your story is added to the site as soon as possible. Most people have sent a picture, either of the person they would protect or the two of them together. A picture is certainly not required, but makes your story more interesting for others to read.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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