I’ve just posted about this on the OpenDNS System Status site, but the OpenDNS.com website (and blog.opendns.com, etc.) were unavailable due to authoritative DNS failure for about 90 minutes earlier today, starting around 1pm PT (21:00 UTC). Here are the details.

I will repeat myself on a few key points.

First, OpenDNS’s speedy, reliable DNS was not affected. Our website is treated separately from our DNS, for this reason among others.

Second, the cause of the failure was a Denial of Service (DOS) attack on EveryDNS. David Ulevitch, CEO of OpenDNS, also owns and operates EveryDNS, but the two companies are separate. OpenDNS has used EveryDNS services, although we’ve now spread the authoritative DNS for OpenDNS more broadly as a result of this incident.

Third, the DOS attack on EveryDNS continues. It’s being actively worked on, as you can imagine. As we learn more, we’ll share it in this post, since I know other EveryDNS customers are interested, too.

Update: As of 9:30pm PT, December 1 (05:30 UTC December 2), EveryDNS is recovering. Still under attack, but mitigated. Status report on the EveryDNS home page. I’ll leave it to EveryDNS for updates from here on.

Note: you can bookmark or save our OpenDNS System Status site at just for rare events like this, whether there is an authoritative or recursive DNS issue.

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