We have so many great users and have been considering, for a while now, different ways to show our love. Out of those discussions the idea of “Five questions with an OpenDNS user” was born. This will be a recurring post category in the OpenDNS blog. Read and learn. 🙂

Richard Hughes
Technical Director
MaxWiFi, London, England

OpenDNS: Please describe your organization, and your role there.

RH: I am the technical director of MaxWiFi. We plan, install and manage temporary WiFi networks for media centres and large events. Recent events have included the PGA European Tour in London, The World Rally Championship in Wales and last year we provided a service to the Royal Marriage of Prince Charles & Lady Camilla Parker Bowles. We shifted over 18Gb of traffic on one day without dropping a single packet with a user base of over 400 media from around the world – all packed into a pub in Windsor.

OpenDNS: How did you first hear about OpenDNS?

RH: I was following a blog trail and came across OpenDNS. We are always looking for find ways to streamline our configs and installs and don’t always like to rely on the ISP services we are given. OpenDNS seemed like such a simple opportunity to speed up searches and to improve the end user services, by providing security from phishing sites and intelligent DNS resolution to take care of spelling mistakes!

OpenDNS: What changes have you noticed on your network since switching to OpenDNS?

RH: It’s always hard to measure network performance, especially when your network is rebuilt and relocated every week. We truly became aware of the improvements at the PGA tour when we had snappers (Photographers) commenting on just how fast the network was. We tested it against another network we had running, that was using local DNS, and there was a perceptible difference. On top of that we saved time on writing the configs and when the ISP DNS servers crashed and took down other network’s on-site we just kept running.

OpenDNS: What advice would you give to others who are considering switching to OpenDNS?

RH: It’s so easy to change and test, we would strongly recommend it. In fact every network we install uses it. I use it in the office and at home. Best of all if you don’t like it swap back – nothing ventured nothing gained!

OpenDNS: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen while providing WiFi at an event?

RH: Hmm, my favourite was when an American journalist (never known for being quiet or thoughtful), shouted from the middle of a packed press room, “Your WiFi is C*** – I can’t log on or even see the SSID.” We quickly got over to him and after looking at his laptop for a few minutes explained to him he would need to have a Wireless Card or Centrino in his laptop for WiFi to work!

Second fav was a reporter who was at the Royal Wedding due to broadcast Coast to Coast in the USA. We were impressed by her calm before speaking to such a massive audience. When she came back in she was red faced and explained she had just referred to Lady Camilla as Her Royal Horseness!

Anyway, good luck to you all at OpenDNS and we are looking forward to the London site coming on stream.

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