My cousin was one of the many people to send me a link to David Pogue’s blog post at the New York Times titled “A Faster Web–for Free” about OpenDNS and how much he and his wife love it. That’s just awesome!

For those of you who don’t know, David Pogue is the consumer technology superhero for the non-geek population. In addition to his usual column he also does a bunch of really great video podcasts that you can watch.

Pogue writes in his column:

“In short, Open DNS works by caching Web-page requests from its thousands of users, so that the site you want is blasted to you in a fraction of a second.”

Just to clarify, we cache the DNS requests only. DNS is the part of a web request where your computer says “how do I get to site” DNS is a significant part of the latency in your web experience and that’s where a large part of the speedup comes from but we don’t actually cache web pages from other sites.

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