When it rains it pours. In a good way.

Heading back into the office this morning, we immediately noticed a drastic increase in support and contact e-mails. We soon figured out why, and we are definitely not complaining.

Two of the longest-running and biggest-circulation American technology magazines, PC Magazine and PC World, each distinguished OpenDNS in their respective November issues. Kyle Monson at PC Magazine included OpenDNS in his roundup of “The Most Amazing Sites of 2006.” (Online version is different from print version, but you get the gist.) And Steve Bass called OpenDNS one of his “all-time favorite cheap system speedup tips” in his November “Hassle-free PC” column. I hear lots of people say no one reads print anymore, but I’ve learned that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I know there are lots of you who found us because of Kyle and Steve’s mentions. I speak for the whole team when I say welcome to the service. 🙂

PS – To answer the No. 1 question we heard from you, yes, you can use OpenDNS if you have a router not represented in our instructions, or don’t have a router at all. Our instructions are simply to help you find where to change your DNS settings. Check out our general router instructions, or use our single-computer instructions for Mac or Windows to change DNS settings on your computer.

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