As of Dec 31, 2006, London is online.

On our network map, we show our four current network nodes in the United States, and provide insight into our future locations. The map, dated July 7, is still accurate as I type this.

OpenDNS colocation hardware set-up, thumbnail, linking to larger image

For colocation geeks, see what’s in London. Note: this picture was actually taken in one of our other locations, but equipment and configuration are identical. All excess fiber you see hanging was properly patched as soon as the install was completed.

The first location online from our “Coming soon” contingent will be London, England. Our hardware is racked and powered in the London facility. But we’ve been held up by bandwidth discussions, as we have some specific network requirements that complicate the matter beyond just the cost of connectivity.

The delay is frustrating to us, too. My apologies to the several folks who have inquired and been told (by me personally, or by my colleagues) that London would be online by this time. I’m not going to promise a new date right now, but we’re working on this, and will announce more details on our blog as we have them. Once the London location is online, we’ll focus more attention on our next locations.

Fortunately, many customers are finding that OpenDNS is faster for them in the UK already, despite any network latency. That’s proof positive that DNS speed is the combination of two factors: network latency and software speed/cache size. Even when we’re “farther” away on the network, OpenDNS often delivers results back to the end user faster. We want to accelerate the experience again, by removing the network latency concern — which is the whole point of London.

Is it only me, or does this post beg for The Clash’s London Calling? Or is that just too much of a cliché?

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