We like hearing from our customers, in just about every way possible. Nothing makes us feel more confident that we’re doing the right things than hearing from you. Also, when we make mistakes (it happens), we want to know about it ASAP so we can fix the problem.

Right now, our listening is mostly via email, IM, comments on our blog, comments on external blogs. But we’d like to make our listening an actual audio experience.

So, give us a call and leave a voicemail at…

+1 (415) 344-3130

This number is not toll-free. Sorry. It’s a San Francisco, California, USA number.

No one will answer; you will hear some instructions, with three basic points:

  • Speak clearly.
  • If you want a response, be sure to tell us how to reach you (phone, email, otherwise).
  • Important – we may use your voicemail comment and name on our website so others can hear what you have to say.

Our inspiration for this experiment

PocketMac Reviews. None of us are PocketMac customers, but listening to these comments, we wish we were!

Note: For the more “traditional” (?) contact methods, go to http://www.opendns.com/contact/.

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