We want some (seriously elite) PHP / MySQL hackers to join our team in San Francisco.

If you think that making the Internet better and developing real technology (meaning we’re not building AJAX’d out social-networking services over IM) meshes well with you, and you have the PHP / MySQL skills to contribute, then let us know.

Below is a brief rundown of what we’re looking for but you’ll find a more detailed list on our Craigslist posting. Note, the Craigslist posting is for someone more senior but we’re also hiring for a junior PHP / MySQL programming position.


  • Knowledge of Computer Science and fundamental algorithms, ability to write well structured and readable code
  • Extensive knowledge of PHP, including PHP 5
  • Strong knowledge of MySQL with an understanding of the impacts of indexing and schema design along with query analysis and optimization.
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS, ability to develop web pages by writing HTML directly; knowledge of XML extremely helpful.
  • Linux knowledge, understanding of how Apache works, and a good familiarity with the shell environment.
  • Prior C experience

Bonus Points:

  • Serious knowledge of MySQL including but not limited to complex joins, subqueries, stored procedures, etc.
  • Experience developing php extensions (PECL modules) in C
  • Ability to write and understand JavaScript.
  • Previous use of CVS or Subversion for code management and versioning.
  • Familiarity with DNS.
  • Involvement in any Free or Open Source software projects.

You can send resumes to team (at) opendns _dot_ com.

ps: If you just got out of college with your freshly minted CS degree but don’t have a lot of experience you should still send us an email. You’ll learn more at OpenDNS about software and global deployments than you will ever learn at that boat anchor in Redmond.

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