Update: August 21, 2006 – Policies changed back for the .cm ccTLD. Read “Cameroon turns wildcarding on (yet again)” for more. We’re not going to keep updating this post with the status.

Update: August 10, 2006 – Policies changed for the .cm ccTLD. Read “.cm is no longer a typo” for more.

Cameroon, a country on the western coast of Africa recently decided to put a wildcard entry in .cm, their IANA assigned Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). CNET has a pretty good article covering what they did.

Around the blogosphere people have asked us what we could do to fix it for them. I’m annoyed we have to deal with this, but happy that users are starting to realize that they need the ability to manage their DNS as a part of managing their network. The Cameroonian ccTLD operators (or the business they’ve outsourced this service to) makes the argument that they are “helping you” find what you’re looking for. If they wanted to help you they’d just correct .cm to .com for all domains that didn’t exist in the .cm namespace, or do nothing at all.

Some users have asked us how many .cm domains there are and what they might be. We have published a complete list (as of yesterday) of all .cm domains. We’ve gone through and shown that for such a small ccTLD they’ve already had quite a few parked domains in their zone. This list is at the bottom of this post. (This data is all public information, don’t worry.)

How to act

Decide for yourself how you want .cm to work. With OpenDNS, you have a choice.

  • Already using OpenDNS? Head to the Account page.
  • Not yet using OpenDNS? Take two minutes and Get Started today.

Mini FAQ

Are you going to show me ads just like the .cm operator does?

No! We’re doing this because you shouldn’t be punished or distracted because you forgot to type an ‘o’ when surfing the net. We will seamlessly correct the full URL for you with no ads, popups, or page in the middle. By enabling the feature you know exactly what’s going to happen: google.cm is going to take you to google.com.

Will I still get to real .cm domains if I turn on .cm wildcard filtering?

Yes! We will not filter real .cm domains such as www.airfrance.cm and others. It should also be noted we’ve never filtered any real domains, even with typo correction. The only exception is phishing sites that you’ve asked us to block.

Will you do this for other wildcarded ccTLDs like .ws, .ph and .cd?

You tell us. We are offering the fix for .cm because our users appreciate that we transparently correct mistyped domains like google.cm to google.com. For other wildcarded ccTLDs, we’ll be listening to our users and offering useful choices based on those requests.

What if there are new valid .cm domains? Will those work?

Of course!

What happens if I turn off typo-correction and turn on .cm wildcard filtering?

If you turn off typo correction and turn on .cm wildcard filtering you will get an RCODE=3 DNS response (commonly called NXDOMAIN) as if the wildcard didn’t exist. In your browser you’d get the default behavior which is probably either an MSN search page on IE, or a “host not found” page with Firefox.

Again, if you are already using OpenDNS just head to the Account page or take two minutes and Get Started today.

A listing of all .cm domains


Regular .cm Domain
Wildcard Of Entire Zone
Parked Page w/ Ads
Broken Or Misconfigured Zone

All domains in the Cameroon ccTLD “.cm”

(List accurate as of Tuesday, August 8, 2006)

All domains in .cm Nameservers
*.cm. A
ac3l.cm. NS ns1.premierspas.biz. ns2.premierspas.biz.
adsnet.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
afrique-france2001.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. nina.afrique-france2001.cm.
airfrance.cm. NS webaf1.airfrance.fr. lasvegas.airfrance.fr.
alizes.cm. NS pcsakon.alizes.cm.
amadeus.cm. NS ns1.amadeus.cm. ns2.amadeus.cm.
amitybank.cm. NS ns.amitybank.cm. ns2.iccnet.cm.
annuairecamtel.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
anuel.cm. NS ns1.infomaniak.ch. ns2.infomaniak.ch.
armp.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
art.cm. NS dns1.creolink.com. dns2.creolink.com.
artac.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
assemblee-nationale.cm. NS ns1.cm.refer.org. aupelf.refer.org.
avis.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
bdanet.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
bicec.cm. NS benoue.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
bosch.cm. NS gwa.fe.bosch.de. gwa2.fe.bosch.de.
britishcouncil.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns3.iccnet.cm.
bureaulumiere.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
cam-educ.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
cameroon-tribune.cm. NS web.cameroon-tribune.cm. ns1.iccnet2000.com.
cameroonfertilizers.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.cmanet.cm.
cameroonhealthresearch.cm. NS ns1.lnhi.net. ns2.lnhi.net.
cameroonscience.cm. NS ns.cybernum.org. ns1.cybernum.org.
cami.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
camnet.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm. benoue.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
camnet2.cm. NS ns1.camnet2.cm.
camnet3.cm. NS ns1.camnet3.cm.
campusvert.cm. NS ns1.infomaniak.ch. ns2.infomaniak.ch.
camrail.cm. NS appolo.c-si.fr. ariane.c-si.fr.
camtel.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
camteldla.cm. NS server.camteldla.cm.
cbm.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. netfinityyde.cbm.cm.
cenadi.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. netstar.cenadi.cm. cenadim1.cenadi.cm.
cenet.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. admin.cenet.cm.
cerac.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. svrcerac.cerac.cm.
cfaogroup.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
cheaptickets.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
cigate.cm. NS cenadi.cigate.cm.
leslions.cm.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
cnosc.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
cnps.cm. NS fusih.cnps.cm.
fusih.cnps.cm. NS
co.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. tchad.co.cm.
congresrdpc.cm. NS linsvr.congresrdpc.cm.
connect.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
corenofi.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
cpdmcongress.cm. NS linsvr.cpdmcongress.cm.
credit-suisse-trust.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
credit-swiss.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
creditlyonnais.cm. NS dns1.creolink.com. dns2.creolink.com.
creditsuisse-trust.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
creditsuissetrust.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
creditswiss.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
creolink.cm. NS dns1.creolink.cm. dns2.creolink.com.
crtv.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns3.iccnet.cm.
cs-group.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
cs-life.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
cs-trust.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
csam.cm. NS ns-1.csfb.com. ns-2.csfb.com.
csfb.cm. NS ns-1.csfb.com. ns-2.csfb.com.
csg.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
csgroup.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
cslife.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
cspb.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
cstrust.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
ctpl.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
cyberix.cm. NS ns13.zoneedit.com. ns18.zoneedit.com.
dgre.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. dgresvr.dgre.cm.
dictionary.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
diplocam.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns3.iccnet.cm.
download.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
dpcminat.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
dsx.cm. NS ns1.douala1.com.
esstic-uy2.cm. NS dns1.esstic-uy2.cm.
europcar.cm. NS indom10.indomco.com. indom20.indomco.net.
fayadort.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
fcb.cm. NS ns.univerdi.com. ns1.univerdi.com.
finances.cm. NS minefi.finances.cm.
flowers.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
fne.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
fonds-routier.cm. NS dns1.creolink.com. dns2.creolink.com.
france-cam.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. aupelf.refer.org. serveur.cm.refer.org.
freshdelmonte.cm. NS ns1.zodns.com. ns1.lanechange.net.
games.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
gcnet.cm. NS dja.gcnet.cm. kim.camnet.cm.
/*geocities.cm. NS ns.levonline.com.
/*geocities.cm. NS ns2.levonline.com.
/*geocities.cm. NS ns3.levonline.com.*/.cm.
globalnet.cm. NS dns1.globalnet.cm. dns2.globalnet.cm.
gov.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbapit.gov.cm.
minpostel.gov.cm. NS nyos.minpostel.gov.cm.
hgy.cm. NS web.hgy.cm. mail.cameroun-online.com.
holcim.cm. NS ns01ch.holcim.com. ns01us.holcim.com.
hotelsawa.cm. NS partenariat.sni.cm.
hotjobs.cm. NS ns1.ny.genx.net. ns2.ny.genx.net.
iccnet.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns3.iccnet.cm.
icrafon.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
impots.cm. NS di.impots.cm.
infotel.cm. NS dns1.globalnet.cm.
intelcam.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. paatchi.intelcam.cm.
its.cm. NS its-smsserveur.its.cm.
joker.cm. NS bow.scm.cm. rva.fcr.francetelecom.fr.
kpmg-cmr.cm. NS sfacc.kpmg-cmr.cm.
lasvegas.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
lifttel.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
maetur.cm. NS ns1.dnsjunction.com. ns2.dnsjunction.com.
messinaline.cm. NS dns1.fastweb.it.
microlog.cm. NS mississipi.microlog.cm.
minader.cm. NS serveur.minader.cm.
minef.cm. NS forest.minef.cm.
minepat.cm. NS soo.minepat.cm. sanaga.minepat.cm.
minsante.cm. NS ns1.dnsjunction.com. ns2.dnsjunction.com.
mobilis.cm. NS bow.scm.cm. rva.fcr.francetelecom.fr.
monster.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
mtn.cm. NS Ns1.jev.co.za. Ns2.jev.co.za.
mtnns.cm. NS dns1.globalnet.cm. dns2.globalnet.cm.
navitrans.cm. NS dns1.fastweb.it.
netshop.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. ops.netshop.cm.
oapi.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. linux.oapi.cm.
oit.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
oms.cm. NS dns1.creolink.com. mailer.oms.cm.
onr.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
onu.cm. NS inet01.cm.undp.org.
orange.cm. NS ns0.orange.cm.
orangemail.cm. NS ns0.orange.cm.
orangeworld.cm. NS ns0.orange.cm.
paradis.cm. NS benoue.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
pasteur.cm. NS ns1.satwise.com. ns2.satwise.com.
pmuc.cm. NS bonanjo01.pmuc.cm. bonanjo02.pmuc.cm.
pr-gervaismendoze.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
prc.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm. lionsvr1.prc.cm. lionsvr2.prc.cm.
prcs.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. sgpr-serv.prcs.cm.
presbyterian-church.cm. NS alpha2.officeco.ch. alpha3.officeco.ch.
radius.cm. NS dja.radius.cm.
razel.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. ns1.razel.cm.
rdpcpdm.cm. NS rdpcserv.rdpcpdm.cm.
rdpcserv.rdpcpdm.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm.
realtor.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
refinance.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
rent.cm. NS ns.rackspace.com. ns2.rackspace.com.
restaurants.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbam.camnet.cm.
ric.cm. NS dns1.creolink.com.
rolex.cm. NS ns1.gva.ch.colt.net. ns1.zrh1.ch.colt.net.
sabc.cm. NS ns1.sabc.cm. ns2.sabc.cm.
scb-creditlyonnais.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. scbclc.scb-creditlyonnais.cm.
scm.cm. NS bow.scm.cm. rva.fcr.francetelecom.fr.
sdnp.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. tangmbo.sdnp.cm.
seanet.cm. NS ns3.schlund.de. ns4.schlund.de. seanets.de.
sgbc.cm. NS ns2.domicile.fr. ns3.domicile.fr.
sho-cameroun.cm. NS ns1.douala1.com. ns2.douala1.com. ns3.douala1.com.
side.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns3.iccnet.cm.
sigmakalon.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns30787.ovh.net.
simpay.cm. NS ns2.lovellsnames.org. ns3.lovellsnames.org.
sinpay.cm. NS ns2.lovellsnames.org. ns3.lovellsnames.org.
snac.cm. NS ns3.slconseil.com. romeo.hebergement-discount.com. juliette.hebergement-discount.com.
snh.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. snhnet.snh.cm.
sni.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. partenariat.sni.cm.
snv.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns3.iccnet.cm.
socada.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
socapalm.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm.
sodecoton.cm. NS ns1.sodecoton.cm. ns2.sodecoton.cm.
sogecam.cm. NS ns.fr.socgen.com. ns.socgen.com. dns.cadinet.ma.
sonara.cm. NS ns1.sonara.cm. ns1.lanechange.net.
stanchart.cm. NS ns.domainnetwork.se. ns2.domainnetwork.se.
standard-chartered.cm. NS ns.domainnetwork.se. ns2.domainnetwork.se.
standardchartered.cm. NS ns.domainnetwork.se. ns2.domainnetwork.se.
standardcharteredbank.cm. NS ns.domainnetwork.se. ns2.domainnetwork.se.
statistics-cameroon.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. mbamcamnet.cm.
sumoca.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
superdoll.cm. NS ns1.delta-informatique.com. douala.adsnet.cm.
synopsys.cm. NS auth50.ns.uu.net. asbestos.lmc.com. dnsmaster.synopsys.com. dnsmaster2.synopsys.com.
ticad-it.cm. NS ns.ticad-it.cm.
tmc.cm. NS dns2.creolink.com.
total.cm. NS kim.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
tourisme.cm. NS ns1.dnsjunction.com. ns2.dnsjunction.com.
creditsuisse.trust.cm. NS ns-1.credit-suisse.com. ns-2.credit-suisse.com.
u-douala.cm. NS dns2.creolink.com.
ub.cm. NS ns1.lanechange.net. ns2.lanechange.net. dns1.creolink.com. yaounde2.un.cm.
unilex.cm. NS benoue.camnet.cm. sanaga.camnet.cm.
uninet.cm. NS diamond.uninet.cm.
uy2-soa.cm. NS emergency.uy2-soa.cm. cum-uy2-soa.cm.
viasim.cm. NS ns2.lovellsnames.org. ns3.lovellsnames.org.
worldbank.cm. NS dns1.worldbank.cm.
wwf.cm. NS ns2.iccnet.cm. ns3.iccnet.cm.
yahoo.cm. NS ns1.yahoo.com. ns5.yahoo.com.

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