For the audio-inclined, I wanted to share with you two recent clips about OpenDNS.

The first is an interview of David Ulevitch by Mark Howson of The Mac Nurse, conducted via Skype on July 20. The interview runs a bit over 14 minutes. Go listen for yourself (link is to web page, not file). Mark put together an interesting slideshow on top of the audio interview.

The second item for your listening pleasure comes courtesy of David Redekop, one of the founders of Nerds on Site. David and his colleagues join host Ryan Spence every Tuesday to talk about technology on Ask the Experts, on Newstalk 1290 CJBK, in London, Ontario, Canada. This past Tuesday, July 25, Redekop told Spence (and his audience) about OpenDNS.

Listen to the MP3 (6 minutes, 53 seconds; 1.6MB). Redekop explains DNS, explains phishing (and how DNS can help…more on this soon), and explains OpenDNS. I’m pleased to hear that he’s been using OpenDNS since he heard about it, and considers it for his clients.

I would clear up one point from the Ask the Experts segment. The search results page you see if

  1. OpenDNS cannot resolve the entered domain
  2. OpenDNS cannot fix a typo

has both organic (unpaid) search results and clearly labelled advertisements. Redekop says he think that OpenDNS is a service worth using even if all the results are ads on that page (thanks!), but I wanted to clear that up all the same.

Note: In describing OpenDNS, Redekop throws out what he calls “the old phrase”: “There’s majesty in simplicity and simplicity in majesty.” I didn’t recognize the phrase, but a bit of poking around leads us to Alexander Pope, the English poet.

There is a certain majesty in simplicity which is far above all the quaintness of wit.

Learn something new every day.

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