If any of you look at our stats page as often as we do you might have noticed that the weekly graph was a bit wonky today and that we (temporarily) dropped the daily graph. I put a note up on the stats page explaining it but I’m putting a note up here for posterity.

Basically, in order to keep DNS as reliable and awesome as possible we process all of our DNS stats on other machines, out of the DNS traffic’s line-of-fire to you. The machines we use right now to do stats needed some more RAM and hard drives so we paused the stats processing, had some lunch, added some disks and RAM, and then went home. Sometime this morning we decided to start up stats processing again and now it’s nearly all caught up. So there ya have it, the stats were kinda wonky, but our DNS service was hummin’ along like the well oiled machine it should be and is.

As for future changes to the stats page, I have a lot of ideas in my head but I want to know what you want. What kinds of stats are important to you? I want to be sure what’s important to me isn’t just important to me.

On on,
David Ulevitch

Update: I just got teased by some of the guys here for ‘signing’ a blog post. Well now there’s a smiley too. 🙂

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