Update: The position has been filled! Thanks for sending in all the resumes. Good to know lots of folks love Debian as much as we do.

Think you’re elite? Come work with some multi-talented and brilliant folks as our new Systems Administrator.

We’re looking for a really strong Debian Administrator. (in San Francisco)

I put up a post on craigslist.org today with a specific job description but I wanted to get the word out to our users who might be a good fit or know someone who is.

We run a very cool globally distributed network that’s built on Debian Linux so the person we’re looking for should have experience rolling their own packages, running their own apt repositories in addition to being a straight-up unix command-line ninja. Experience with FreeBSD and some networking understanding really helps in this job, too.

You might be wondering why we don’t have one right now and the reason is that I (yeah, a CEO with kung-fu like ops chops), along with some of the developers, all have seasoned skills in the systems and networking area. But that’s going to change when we hire you, it’s time to hand over the reins to someone dedicated to operations full time.

Sometimes people in this kind of position worry that if they do such a good job they’ll be fired because nothing ever goes wrong and it looks like they don’t do anything. That won’t happen here, we all know what it takes to be a really good operations leader. 🙂

If you’re interested in this position, just send us all a note at team (at) opendns (dot) com

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