One week ago, OpenDNS opened up its free DNS service for everyone to use. It’s been a fun week, with lots of feedback. It’s great to be listening to customers, rather than predicting (guessing) what the reaction will be.

We’re reading everything and responding where possible. Probably still a few dozen of you who deserve an email response… it will come! Most of our public responses have been on individual blogs, to make sure the individual sees the response. David, our CEO, has been an active member of the NANOG and dns-operators mailing lists for years, and he’s contributed in those forums, too. We’ve heard from you over the phone, via email, via blog comment, in person and over IM (our team addresses are listed).

I’ve been flagging blog and media mentions on, and you can see the most recent 20 items listed in the OpenDNS press center. Or you can watch the page directly, if you prefer. Not every reference is positive. Fine… we learn a lot from listening to our critics. If we’ve missed a worthy reference, please bring it to my attention, either via email or even via a for:pencoyd tag in

So far, we’ve been adding to our FAQ to address concerns and questions which we’ve seen come up in multiple places, whether blogs, articles, email or IM. If you haven’t read the FAQ in a while, take a look. It doesn’t shrink!

It might be more helpful for us to start responding on this blog, too. In the next few days, we’ll provide more details here about our identification of phishing sites, how we’re handling DNSBL and mail servers (hint: click on the new preferences link, top right of every page), our network buildout, additional stats and more.

Note: one of our favorites, a thorough review, with actual testing of the speed for that individual.

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