Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont from CNET Buzz Out Loud took a few minutes on Monday to talk about OpenDNS.

Listen to the brief clip about OpenDNS (3 minutes, 10 seconds long; 1.5MB).

Thank you to Tom and CNET for permission to host the clip, which was pulled from the Buzz Out Loud show for July 10, 2006. They make tech pretty fun every day.

In the clip, Tom does a good job succinctly explaining what DNS is before talking about the service more broadly, rightly saying that it’s a pretty easy switch to make. Tom tried it personally, and both of them liked the idea (listen for yourself).

Tom and Veronica also discuss how OpenDNS interacts with corporate networks, and that’s something we should explain more.

Internal resources — for example, a web tool you might use for reporting vacation days — often takes advantage of local DNS resolution. In that case, using OpenDNS may prevent you from getting to those resources and you will have to turn off OpenDNS while you use them. There is no logical way for us to address internal resources, yet. On a related note, if on a VPN to a corporate network not using OpenDNS, you will be using the corporate DNS server, rather than OpenDNS, until you leave the VPN.

Of course, we encourage network admins to use OpenDNS as a forwarder, where internal requests are handled internally, and external requests are handled by OpenDNS. Happy to provide more details and help to anyone interested.

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