Earlier this month, I noted that the OpenDNS privacy policy was posted using a Creative Commons license (ShareAlike 2.5, to be exact).

I’m pleased to follow the same practice (and the same license) for the OpenDNS Terms of Use. At the bottom of each document, you’ll see the notation about the license.

For the Terms of Use, we started with our own document, but the point here is to aid others in this process in the future, if they so desire. Good lawyers (like ours) are expensive; maybe this will save you some time (read: money). You will still need to consider the differences between your business and ours, of course. If you use our Terms as a starting point, please let us know. I’d even go so far as to ask for a link…but it’s not absolutely required.

The Terms of Use is not an exciting document, I’m afraid, but the Terms are important. They cover such areas as conduct, liability, indemnity, registration, (no) warranties, and more. Please read ours. Ask questions if you like.

For updates to the Terms of Use, we’ll post notice here on the OpenDNS blog, flagging the entry with the dull-but-descriptive category “OpenDNS Terms of Use.” The resulting category page should be refreshing simple. I’d be thrilled if it was only a single post for months or years at a time. Of course, if you read the Terms, you’ll notice that, ultimately, it’s still “your responsibility to check the Terms of Use periodically for changes.” Had to mention that.

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