At OpenDNS, we’re treating customers the way we want to be treated. Writing a clear, concise privacy policy helps you understand what we’re doing. Understanding leads to trust, which we want to earn.

We’ve spelled out our policies and goals in the OpenDNS privacy policy, effective June 1, 2006. You should read the whole thing — it’s not long. If we missed anything of importance, please let us know.

The unwritten policy? If we can’t look our mothers in the eye about what we’re doing, then it’s not the right thing.

As noted in the policy, any significant updates will be blogged about here.

Kudos to Automattic

When writing the OpenDNS privacy policy, we found the privacy policy to be a great model. The Automattic team was community-minded enough to place their policy under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license. That license allows for commercial use and derivative works, which describes our policy.

We (OpenDNS) are responsible for our policy, in every respect, but our thanks go to the Automattic team for their jumpstart. In the same spirit, we’ve put the OpenDNS privacy policy under the same Creative Commons license.

Automattic is behind and Akismet. WordPress is used for the OpenDNS blog.

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